Once a stamping job has been completed, Bishop Metal Stamping also offers a full range of finishing services to bring your piece to any surface and dimensional specifications required. Our wide variety of finishing services includes anodizing, powder coating, plating, deburring, assembly, fulfillment, and in-house heat treating, among many others. We can test coating thickness and weight, and furnish harness, humidity, and salt spray testing services as well. In addition, we offer laser marking and engraving of products, and provide assembly and fulfillment services to satisfy any logistical needs.

Finishing services can be applied to all products, across all industries: aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, medical, robotics, and more. Just a few of the applications we’ve worked on are refrigeration equipment, motors, power tools, fixtures of all types, appliances, and engines. We have also served clients requiring finishing for printed circuit boards, welded assemblies, and agricultural equipment. Our capabilities extend far beyond what we’ve listed here, so contact us with any questions or to learn more about our services.